IHP Student Examination – 2023

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Exam Preparation

Multiple Choice Questions:

Exam MCQs will have the same setup as the module quizzes, but are specially designed to cover key concepts in the IHP course. Each MCQ is different from your quizzes, so be alert and answer the questions carefully.

You should use the module quizzes as practice to understand the material and develop your critical thinking skills. This will help you better prepare for the exam and answer questions accurately.

Case Studies:

We will present you with five case studies, and you will be required to answer questions based on them. Be sure to revise the Functional Medicine in Practice module, as well as the Integrative Interventions sections of the course.

These case studies typically present a real-world scenario, where we ask you to apply the concepts you have learned to solve the problem.

Exam Prerequisites

  • Completion of all 12 IHP modules
  • Submission of all module case studies
  • Registration on the IIM exam registration page

What to expect

  • Examination fully online
  • Questions are based on all modules in the IHP course
  • Revise your end of module quizzes for better understanding of concepts
  • Understand how to use the functional medicine timeline and matrix
  • Think critically and identify the most appropriate answer for each situation
  • Exam percentage of 70% to pass
  • 80% average should be reached to qualify for our fellowship/membership program 

Now go forth and make the world a healthier place!

IHP Course List

Functional Medicine Training

IHP – M08 – Mitochondrial Function/Energy

This module reviews mitochondrial dysfunction and how this influences disease, cell restoration, and the impact of oxidative stress focusing on fatigue syndromes. Integrative treatment to support restoration and maintenance will be discussed.

IHP Course - An integrative approach to Brain Health

IHP – M07 – Brain Health

Pathophysiology and causes of neurological disease, including psychological/psychiatric syndromes, and the gut-immune-brain connection.

Functional Medicine Training in Liver Function and Detox

IHP – M06 – Detoxification

This module provides an understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of detox systems.

Environmental stressors toxic loads, laboratory assessment and Protocols for metabolic detoxification will be discussed.

Functional Medicine Training in Cardiometabolic / Diabetes

IHP – M05 – Diabetes / Cardiometabolic

This module focuses on the pathophysiology of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic diseases including CHD, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, diabetes. Topics covered include glycaemic control, oxidation, nutrigenomics, risk factor testing, and treatment protocol.

Functional Medicine Training in Hormones

IHP – M04 – Hormones

This module provides an overview of the HPTAG axis and interrelationships of these hormones, including thyroid dysfunction and hormonal changes in male/females. Integrative approaches to managing hormone deficiencies, BIHRT, supplements will be discussed.

Module 3 - Adrenal dysfunction

IHP – M03 – Adrenal dysfunction – stress, HPTAG axis

An overview of the HPA axis and the steroidogenic pathway. The phases of adrenal dysfunction, stress, tests, and integrative interventions will be discussed.

Module 1 - Introduction to Functional Medicine

IHP – M01 – Functional Medicine in Practice

Introduction to the different concepts of integrative, functional and anti-ageing medicine. Tools for conducting integrative assessments and consultations will be discussed and applied to a case study.

Module 2 - GI System

IHP – M02 – Gastrointestinal Dysfunction

This module focuses on the physiology and pathophysiology of digestive disorders, including the gut-brain axis, microbiome and gut permeability. We will discuss integrative testing and nutritional treatment protocols.