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Mycotoxins are the metabolites produced by mould, and some of them cause certain symptoms in susceptible individuals. This group includes those who are immunocompromised or have underlying chronic issues.

Prolonged symptoms should be investigated by clinicians, in order to perform beneficial tests and develop long-term solutions to manage the patient’s symptoms. Currently, it is more relevant than ever to study mycotoxins and how they influence health. 

In this webinar series, we first have Dr. William Shaw, discussing a number of intriguing and pertinent aspects of mould and mycotoxins, along with their implications on health. This in-depth discussion explores different kinds of dangerous mycotoxins, along with treatment methods where he describes relevant case studies. The discussion aims to bring awareness to mould exposure, and methods to treat this effectively.

Thereafter, we have Deon Smit from Mould Detection SA, discussing the importance of mould inspection and remediation. This discussion includes Deon’s own experience with mould exposure, along with how mould remediation is carried out in highly toxic environments. The importance of indoor air quality testing is also explored, along with mould remediation plans that have helped different individuals recover.